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  • What should I do if the back pain? Back pain causes and treatment

  • What should I do if the sore feet? Causes and treatment of pain in the legs
    With periodic leg pain encountered each. Sometimes a slight discomfort, does not cause suffering and passes quickly. Sometimes because of discomfort have to deny yourself the pleasures of life. And some pain forced bed rest and take painkillers. How to understand the cause of the pain and what to do if the sore feet?
    Most leg pain (especially in the lower leg and foot) arise due to improper load distribution. These include over-long exercise, the long static posture, sedentary work, high heels or simply uncomfortable shoes. Character aching pain, a feeling of heaviness. Discomfort exacerbated by movement and takes place during the holiday. Specialized treatment of pain in the legs in this case is not required. Enough to take a comfortable posture, cool foot bath, use a cooling gel or cream for the feet, and the discomfort willthe next day.
    If legs hurt mostly by the end of the day, there is a feeling of heaviness, swelling of the slack, the possible causes of pain in the legs associated with impaired blood flow, читать полностью »

  • Is it possible to remove moles? Mole removal laser on the face and body
    Moles on the body – a phenomenon familiar. Small pigmented skin may appear on any part of the body, and even become a kind of decoration. Small fly on the face or spicy mole on the shoulder give a woman of charm, and a man of charm. Moles come in different sizes, texture and density, and even the ugly hanging moles fit into the concept of the norm. Why did many customers interested in beauty salons, can I remove moles?
    most common cause of treatment to the beautician – aesthetic. Man thinks that moles on the body disfiguring, interfere with the wearing of jewelry or clothing. In second place – the fear of damaging the marks that are on the site, which is regularly subjected to hair removal, or rubbed on the gums of clothing or linen. And the most objective reason – removal of moles on the face of the apparent change in the surface of the birthmark.
    If any changes occur spot, it’s time to sound the alarm.Under the changes involve changing the color, shape, size, blurring edges, the appearance of itching, the читать полностью »

  • Что делать если болит поясница? Боль в пояснице причины и лечение
    Lumbar pain may signal the beginning of a variety of diseases. Nature of pain described by a wide range of discomforts from the sharp cutting pain before long aching. Whether or not to immediately contact a specialist, or to get rid of back pain can be yourself?
    determine whether the cause of pain is severe, it is possible for the duration and intensity of pain. If the pain arose after physical stress, exercise, or prolonged sitting under the air conditioner has a severe problem, and amplified when trying to bend down – causes of low back pain have a simple origin. From overwork lumbar muscle, when supercooling or prolonged static posture pain may occur abruptly, and go through the day self-treatment warming ointments. Much worse when pain occurs gradually, little sore, but regularly over the years. It is possible thatdevelops a dangerous disease, and quiet pain only accompanying symptom. Also, treatment of low back pain with the help of a physician is necessary if the pain gives to other parts of the body, and there is a feeling of numbness in the legs or pelvis. читать полностью »

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